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A diverse, urban environment, West Hollywood is remarkable as a walkable community; its streets are lined with dynamic nightlife spots and renowned dining experiences. Chief amongst these is the world-famous Sunset Strip, peppered with rock clubs, nightclubs, slick boutiques and restaurants. With all these attractions readily accessible, West Hollywood is for those looking to live in the eye of the storm, with the sights and sounds of Los Angeles swirling around them. West Hollywood is also renowned for its diversity; residents of all backgrounds and walks of life call this city their home.

The Hollywood Hills run along West Hollywood’s north border, while the Fairfax district and Beverly Grove can be found to the south. To the west lies Beverly Hills, while Hollywood can be found to the east.


Nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains, the Hollywood Hills’ magnificent mountainous view provides serenity and great privacy. Thus, many of Hollywood’s rich and famous make this area their home. The Hollywood Hills include several elite neighborhoods, such as the exclusive Hollywood Heights, Outpost Estates, Whitley Heights and more. The area includes several landmarks; the iconic US Route 101 passes through the neighborhood and a portion of Griffith Park can be found in this area. The Hollywood Bowl can also be found here, a world-class venue played by scores of top performers.

The Hollywood Hills area is nestled north of Sunset Boulevard and south of Burbank. The neighborhood is bound by Beverly Hills to the west and Los Feliz on the east.


Surrounded by the cities of Los Angeles and West Hollywood, Beverly Hills began as a Spanish ranch before attracting the attention of investors and growing into a bustling city of over 34,000 residents. As an incredibly popular tourist spot, the daytime population can swell to over 200,000. High-class boutiques and cafes line the streets and spacious, beautiful homes adorn its affluent neighborhoods. These amazing properties command high prices, with average listings sitting around $3 000 000, Beverly Hills boasts a rich history closely intertwined with the film industry and is a favored haunt of movie stars and celebrities.

As a full service city, Beverly Hills provides police, fire, water treatment, refuse collection and building inspections directly.

Beverly Hills


The exclusive, affluent neighborhood of Bel-Air can be found in the Westside area of Los Angeles. With a lower population density than most neighborhoods, Bel-Air is peaceful, classy and quiet. Three distinct neighborhoods make the Bel-Air area: East Gate (or Old Bel Air), West Gate Bel Air and Upper Bel Air. Properties in the area can range from relatively modest, ranch style homes to beautiful mansions. Ordinances covering architectural styles, landscaping and lot sizes guarantee Bel-Air’s unique esthetic. The Bel-Air Country Club sits at the heart of this neighborhood and serves as its most noteworthy landmark.Brentwood borders the west side of Bel-Air while Westwood lies along the south border. Sherman Oaks can be found north of Bel-Air and Beverly Glen to the east.


Rich with affluence and history, Hancock Park is built around the grounds of a private golf club. Homes in this neighborhood typically start in the low $1 million range for smaller homes, while the neighborhood’s more lavish estates can command prices around $10 million. Properties in this area are built on massive lots of at least 10,000 square feet, while the homes themselves typically stretch over 3,000 square feet. Homes in Hancock Park are some of the best preserved single family residences in all of Los Angeles, including 1920’s California bungalows and grand estates.

Along Hancock Park’s northern border lies Hollywood, with Mid-Wilshire at the south border. Fairfax can be found west of Hancock Park and Larchmont to the east.


As one of the last Hollywood Old World neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Los Feliz retains authenticity in its architecture and ambiance. Sitting at the foot of a rugged hillside, the neighborhood has attracted master architects throughout the years, resulting in incredibly beautiful homes. The southern section of Los Feliz is known as Los Feliz Village; a strong creative spirit and a wealth of entrepreneurship breathe life into this community. It is home of classic, old-school restaurants and businesses, next-generation boutiques and a vibrant nightlife.