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The 5 Step Process to “Buy” a Home

The 5 Step Process to “Buy” a Home

The Los Angeles market can be incredibly competitive and difficult to navigate. A heterogeneous mix of communities, properties and sellers, Los Angeles markets need a particularly unique approach. Here’s what to look for, and what to expect, when buying a home in LA.

STEP 1 >>The right agent

The last thing you want after deciding to sell your home is to watch it sit on the market. You need an agent who understands the trends, ebbs and flows of the market and how your property fits within them. They need to understand how much your home can sell for, so they can get you top dollar without scaring off potential buyers.The right real estate agent needs two main characteristics. They need to understand your needs, and they need the ability to fulfill them. Competence, experience and a proven track record are key. You need an agent who keeps communication lines open and knows just the right contacts. Trust in an agent that will get it right and get it done.

STEP 2 >>Finding the right area

An expert real agent needs to know the market you’re interested in. An in-depth knowledge of the area is crucial to finding the right community for you, with your needs in mind. Whether you’re buying your family’s first home, acquiring the perfect estate for your retirement, or simply looking for a fruitful investment, you don’t want to waste time looking through communities not suited for what you had in mind. Trust in an agent who knows what makes each of LA’s communities unique, matching their characteristics to what you’re looking for.

SREP 3 >> Finding your dream property

Buying a home is more than just a process. Whether it’s your dream home or your next investment, your agent needs to understand every detail of what you’re looking for. Then they need to find it. Knowing the market and knowing the area is only the first step of that process. Your agent needs the right track record, the right experience and the right contacts to find your next home. They need the eye to recognize what you need. Otis Jones can recognize your needs, find your new community and your perfect home.

STEP 4 >> Getting the right loan

An important part of buying your new home is getting the right financing. The mortgage you get at this stage will be an important factor for your immediate finances as well as your financial future. As such, you need a thorough understanding of how mortgage loans work. You need to know what kind of interest you’re eligible for, and make sure you find a mortgage that requires a deposit you can afford. This takes a good amount of research. You should begin this process early, as this will help you know what homes you can afford.

STEP 5 >> A headache-free transaction

Buying a home is an incredibly important decision, both financially and emotionally. This decision is a crucial point in anyone’s life, and many details and hurdles can potentially complicate an already delicate situation. With the right agent, you can sidestep these hurdles and avoid the pitfalls. You can trust in expertise and a simple transaction.


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