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Otis Winfield Jones Realtor

As a professional athlete, entertainer or entrepreneur, you have specific needs when it comes to real estate; your high net-worth makes your dealings particularly unique and sensitive. You want a real estate agent who has the ability to adapt to your situation, whether you’re looking to find your dream home or selling property in the high-end luxury market.

Through extensive, varied experience in sales and real estate, Otis Jones has the background needed to help you accomplish your goals. When buying, you can trust in his intimate knowledge of the Los Angeles area, saving you precious time when looking for the right community. You can rely on expertise and professionalism, resulting in a smooth and confidential transaction. Whether you’re looking for luxury real estate, a high-rise residence,  high-end vacation or rental property, Otis Jones can find the property to suit your needs.

Whatever business you’re in, you may need to relocate at a moment’s notice. You want to avoid unnecessarily shouldering the expenses of two homes while already having to adapt to new circumstances. That’s why you need a real estate agent with the right expertise; you need your property sold quickly and at your price. Your agent needs the ability to market and advertise your home in a delicate, confidential real estate market. Otis Jones accomplishes this by combining the reach of traditional advertising with the versatility of new media. This multi-faceted approach ensures your property reaches the most qualified buyers possible. All this while maintaining your privacy.

Through unmatched professionalism and reliability, Otis Jones has a network of professionals who help ensure the transference goes as smoothly as possible. This level of service doesn’t stop at the transaction; you can still rely on Otis’ loyalty and integrity once you’ve settled in. Trust that he will maintain your confidentiality throughout the process and thereafter.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell property in Los Angeles, know that you can trust and rely on Otis Jones for the long term, depending on him for all your real estate needs.