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While you might wish for a quick, easy sale, sometimes your home might stay stuck on the market. This is any seller’s worst nightmare; you’ve made the decision to sell your home, you’ve taken what you feel are the necessary steps and feel like nothing’s happening. The key to selling your home, no matter how slow a market may be, is having the right agent. The right agent can help you avoid common mistakes and use the right strategies.

With Otis, you get a complete, thorough real estate solution. You can be safe in the knowledge that Otis prices your home competitively, in a way that attracts qualified buyers while getting you top dollar. Choosing Otis as your agent means your home will look its best. With skill, finesse, the right home staging and a bit of landscaping, your home will stand out even in LA’s most competitive markets.

Designed to Sell


Selling your home is an incredibly important and emotional decision. Additionally, you can expect to deal with a competitive market. Here’s what to look for and expect when selling your home in LA:

STEP 1 >> An agent that knows the market inside and out

The last thing you want after deciding to sell your home is to watch it sit on the market. You need an agent who understands the trends, ebbs and flows of the market and how your property fits within them. They need to understand how much your home can sell for, so they can get you top dollar without scaring off potential buyers.

STEP 2 >> Designed for the market

Once your home finds its place in the market and it’s priced correctly, it needs to stand out. LA markets are notoriously competitive, and small details can make all the difference. An agent needs an eye for design; they need to know how to make your home look its best for potential buyers. Some agents will simply rely on home staging for this, relying on your home’s current personality. An agent needs a broad range of tools and techniques to redesign a property in a way that not only attracts buyers, but can seal the deal. Home staging is only the first step, with landscaping and interior design being just as crucial when designing your home for the Market.

Designed to Sell

SREP 3 >> Marketing

It’s the 21st century, and your home needs marketing that reflects this. A combination of traditional techniques and new media marketing ensures that your property reaches the widest audience possible while targeting the right buyers. Postcards and billboards simply aren’t enough in competitive markets. You need an agent that understands the value of social media and other forms of online marketing. They also need the right techniques to leverage these platforms, communicating your home’s value to potential buyers.

STEP 4 >> Finding the right buyer

Bringing visitors to your home is one thing, finding the right buyer is another. The best agent knows how to find the right person, with the right finances and qualifications. You can trust an agent to represent your best interests, communicate with your buyer and confirm that your property matches their needs. The last thing you want when selling your home is to go through all the hoops only to find out there’s been a misunderstanding and the offer falls apart.

STEP 5 >> Concluding your transaction

Selling property is an important, delicate legal matter. You need an agent you trust to represent your best interests at all times, while communicating your needs efficiently with everyone involved. Your agent needs the expertise to handle as much of the transaction as possible, while knowing exactly who to rely on for its more complicated aspects.