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Why you still need a real estate agent

Why you still need a real estate agent

With the advent of the internet, it’s become easier than ever to sell your own home. A myriad of tools exist to facilitate the sale and purchase of properties for individuals outside the business. There are even companies that specialize in handling the legal and financial aspects of the transaction, leaving most of the work a real estate agent would handle to the homeowner. However, as simple as it might seem to handle this yourself initially, real estate agents exist because the market and business are complicated and potentially full of headaches. Read on to know what a real estate agent can do for you.


Selling your home takes a lot of work. Even if all you have to handle is finding potential buyers, you should expect a significant amount of legwork. Real estate is competitive, and unless your property stands out on its own, you need to market it in an attractive way. While there are companies that offer directories and classified ads, word of mouth and a network of contacts are still incredibly valuable. Building a network like this yourself can be difficult, while real estate agents, through their experience and expertise, have this network available for you.


Not only is it complicated, it’s not for everyone. There is an art in managing each party’s emotions and outlook; there is a science in fulfilling each party’s need as closely as possible and finding the right compromise when necessary. While some are naturally gifted in this area, and learning is definitely possible, not many earn a career’s worth of experience in the field. In this, a real estate agent is especially useful. Beyond simply skill in negotiating, having a real estate agent gives you an important asset: distance. If you’re buying a property and dealing with the seller directly, it’s very possible that a negative statement concerning the property or the process may be taken personally. This can damage your relationship with the seller and hamper the transaction, if not completely ruining the purchase. Not only does a real estate agent have the ability to tailor your opinion and point of view to the receiver, but any backlash is handled by them rather than yourself.


Whether buying or selling a home, you can expect one of the most complicated financial transactions in your life. The stakes will be high, especially financially. Unfortunately, this makes some people less honest and more likely to look out for themselves at the expense of others. This is not to say that a real estate agent can’t lie; they are still human. However, there is a certain legal accountability when it comes to a real estate agent’s word that doesn’t apply to regular citizens; the law binds them in a different way. Further, real estate agents are dependent on word of mouth and repeat business. A single lie can cost them significantly in both respects.
Handling the purchase or sale of a home is technically easier than it was even a decade ago. However, a real estate agent brings enough to the table to greatly facilitate a complicated transaction and save you numerous headaches.


Otis W Jones

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